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What does it do?

uShare provides social media sharing of Umbraco page URLs with a single click via the power of OAuth, similar to when one would manually post the page URL to a social media provider or use a tool like HootSuite to do so. The difference is uShare does it all from the Umbraco backend.

It adds social sharing of content node URLs by installing a data type which provides a share action for configured document types. Data types can be configured to include any or all of the supported social media providers. Published content nodes can then be manually shared to the social media providers selected for that node by a single user action.

uShare currently supports the following social media providers: Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Facebook Sharing

uShare is configured with a single Facebook page username or page id. This can be retrieved when creating the Facebook page. Sharing to Facebook will share a link on behalf of the page and on the page’s feed and not on behalf of the Umbraco user’s Facebook account.

LinkedIn Sharing

Sharing to LinkedIn will share a link on behalf of the Umbraco user’s LinkedIn account.

Twitter Sharing

Sharing to Twitter will share a link as a status update on behalf of the Umbraco user’s Twitter account. The status format will be: <node name> <node URL> <user mention>

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